Work Program

Job Readiness Training

The goal of the Job Readiness Training program is to provide a consumer employee with facility-based intensive training needed to assist them in acquiring a competitive job.

Person must be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services

Job Readiness Training (JRT) is a time-limited facility or training experience for persons with few or limited work related skills; especially those who have not worked before or those who have been out of the job market for an extended period.

In the JRT program, each person is placed in one of three facility- based work site. An assessment is completed to identify skill deficits in a variety of work related skills and an Individual Treatment Plan is developed while work adjustment techniques are implemented to assist in meeting the goals of the plan.

Job Preparation

The Goal of the Job Preparation is to provide vocational services and support to adults with a developmental disability to help them become competitively employed.

Person must be eligible for developmental disabilities services.

Facility-based, volunteer community-based or combination facility and volunteer community services for persons with a developmental disability. Services are not presently time limited and are determined by the person’s team and the needs and desires of the consumer employee. An annual assessment is completed to identify strengths and deficits in a variety of work-related skills, after a Personal Support Plan is developed in conjunction with the person’s team to address the goals of the plan.

Extended Employment

The goal of the Extended Employment program is to provide long-term vocational services and support to adults with a disability to help them become competitively employed.

Person must be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services and be referred by their VR counselor for Extended Employment services.

Persons work and receive training in either one of the three facility-based production areas or in community- based support employment. Individuals participating in Extended Employment may remain in the program until they are able to emotionally and physically handle the demands of competitive or supported employment.

VR Supported Employment/ DDP Follow-Along

The goal is to provide individualized community placement of adults with physical, mental, cognitive and/ or emotional disabilities in integrated work sites with on-site coaching and follow-along provided by an employment specialist.

Person must be eligible for developmental disabilities or vocational rehabilitation services.

Supported employment services are designed to match a person seeking employment with a community-based job and provide them with ongoing assistance in the form of regular contact with an employment specialist to ensure that they become and remain successful in their position. The services provided can be best defined as doing whatever is necessary to meet the current need and ranges from regular meetings to discuss possible issues to directly assisting the person on the job to learn and complete required tasks. Supported employment is most often time limited but in some circumstances can be provided under indefinitely, especially with persons with developmental disability. Services provided under supported employment:

  • Assessment of the job
  • Direct training with the person on the job
  • On-going assessment of the persons performance in meeting employer expectations
  • Trouble-shooting with on-the-job issues
  • Training for the employees related to co-workers and working environment
  • Training for the immediate supervisors regarding interaction techniques and procedures


The goal of the program is to provide placement services to adults with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities in order to assist them to identify, obtain, and maintain competitive employment commensurate with their vocational skill, interests, and abilities. Request for placement services may be initiated by the current consumer employee, staff internal to HI, or an outside referring agency.

Person must be participating in Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

The following services are provided through the placement program:

  • Work Experience- Used for Persons who may be ready for community employment but need to be assessed further in a community work environment. This temporary placement may or may not lead to permanent employment.
  • On-the-Job Training- Used as an employer incentive to hire a person from our program. The employer is reimbursed from VR, usually 50% of the persons wages, for up to 12 weeks to help pay for the training costs.
  • Direct Hire- Used for employment situations where minimal training is required and the employer is contributing 100% of the wage. Follow-up contact is made with each person placed at a minimum of one time per month for 90 days following placement on the job. Additional contact is made to address work issues as needed. If a person successfully maintains their employment for 90 days, their case will be closed.