Thankful for chance to e-recycle and e-reuse

by Helena Industries

  • Posted on March 31, 2017

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This op-ed appeared in the Helena Independent Record and was written by Don Skaar, Great Divide Ski Patrol Director. 

It is imperative for the Great Divide Volunteer Ski Patrol to maintain high quality equipment to respond to emergencies on the ski mountain. Patrollers can often face cold temperatures in steep terrain. Using proper training techniques, teamwork and communication is critical in emergency response scenarios.

Through the generous support of the community and Great Divide Ski Mountain patrons, the Ski Patrol upgraded our communication radios over the last two ski seasons. This upgrade ensures clear communication with mountain management and fellow patrollers. The new radios maintain in cold weather and help keep visitors safe on the mountain.

The question many of us ask when replacing our electronics is what do we do with the old ones? We had twelve radios that still worked yet didn’t meet our standards. It seemed like a waste to just throw them in the garbage. Electronics and batteries contain many resources that are valuable and can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

That’s when we heard of Helena Industries Big Sky E-Recycling Program. No need filling up the landfill when you can easily contribute your e-waste like radios, televisions, computers, etc. to be either repurposed or disposed of properly at Helena Industries Thrift Store located at 2109 N Last Chance Gulch during their operating hours.

When our patrol heard that our radios would be reprogramed and used by Helena Industries to communicate across their complex we were elated that they would be reused for a good cause. Recycling and reusing your e-waste through Helena Industries protects our environment and helps provide for those in need — a win-win for our community. In addition, a financial donation with your e-waste helps Helena Industries properly dispose of your electronics and maintains the accessibility of the program.

Great Divide Ski Patrol is grateful that our e-waste wasn’t wasted. We hope to see you on the slopes!

Don Skaar is the Ski Patrol Director at Great Divide. 

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