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Helena Industries manufactures quality products on site at our Helena Avenue location. We have a variety of products we manufacture.

All our products are hand crafted by people with disabilities. Choose an area from the dropdown menu to learn more about and view pictures of our products.

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Benchmark Manufacturing

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Benchmark Manufacturing makes textile products such as fire fighters’ backpacks, gear parks, and other products used by the US Forest Service and GSA. These products are sold to state and local fire fighting agencies across the country, as well. Typical jobs at Benchmark Manufacturing are web or fabric butting, sewing machine operation, pattern machine operation, snap and grommet setting, material handling, assembly, inspection, and packaging.

Benchmark has been manufacturing backpacks and briefcases to the US Forest Service for 34 years. You know our products: the Personal Gear Pack, known as the Red Bag or the OUT OF COUNTY BAG; the packsack known as the hose pack. We combine our production for you with our production for the Forest Service to bring you great cost savings. We can do this because we are the manufactures, not middleman. You can trust our commitment to provide you with only the best quality, for the very best price. Best of all, we stand behind our products and you know where we are.. right here where we’ve been for 34 years.

We offer the finest materials available, volume discounts, guaranteed excellent reputation. We are the supplier to U.S. Forest Service for the last 34 years and we offer specification driven products.

You can trust Benchmark to select only the finest American made fabrics and components for its products. All products are produced by in America by American workers.

Janitorial Services

Helena Industries provides crew-based janitorial services for several large office buildings in the Helena area. Crews are either stationed in a single building, or travel from site to site in a single shift.

No matter what type of professional janitorial services your facility requires, we have the resources and the experience. Whether you require janitorial service on daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis, we can create a custom cleaning program that satisfies all your requirements.

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Janitorial Services include:

  •     Sweeping
  •     Mopping
  •     Vacuuming
  •     Restroom Cleaning
  •     Emptying Trash Cans
  •     Recycling
  •     Grounds Maintenance
  •     Waxing and Buffing Floors
  •     Washing Windows
Mail Center

The Mail Center offers a full line of mailing services to a variety of businesses and government agencies. The center is primarily a bulk mailing operation that processes millions of pieces of mail every year.

With direct mail you get your piece in your prospects hand long enough to make an impact on them. When you get a positive impact they will read the flyer and gain interest into your company. With Helena Industries we can offer you a number of bulk mailing solutions to help you grow your business.

Mail Center Services include:

  •     Folding and Inserting Materials into Envelopes
  •     Sorting
  •     Packaging
  •     Sealing Materials
  •     Processing Mail Bundles
  •     Post Card Mailings
  •     Labeling
  •     Storing Large Quantities of Mailing Projects
Work 1st

Helena Industries offers a unique program where the philosophy is that everyone can participate in valuable work. The name of the department is called Work 1st.

Work is significance when it give san individual a feeling of importance and produces financial rewards. The jobs and job training in this program involve real, value-added work experiences.

Work 1st Job Duties includes:

Due to behavioral issues or severe and/or multiple disabilities, the individuals working in Work 1st have low to non-productive work histories. By giving them the opportunity to do work that they were never expected to do before, we’ve helped them attain productivity levels that are far beyond their previous experiences. They receive excellent training and support and gain dignity by being treated with respect while earning wages.

Wood Products

This division makes such products as overseas shipping containers, pallets, location stakes, lath, and hubs used in construction. Typical jobs in our wood product work area are saw operation, material handling, inspection and sorting, pallet construction, banding machine operation, pointer machine operation, and product assembly. In addition, we sell scrap wood — by the pallet — as firewood at affordable prices.

If you would like more information on our Wood Products, please call 406-442-8632 and ask for the Wood Shop.

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Document Destruction Services

We also offer Document Destruction Services. Click here to download information. We have three types of services for your document destruction needs. We can include a certificate of destruction upon request.

Types of Services:

  • Purge Customer
  • Walk-In Customer
  • Pick-Up Customer