Big Sky E-Recycling Program Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

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  • Posted on December 15, 2016

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Big Sky E-Recycling

Today, December 15, Helena Industries’ Big Sky E-Recycling Program is celebrating its one-year anniversary. The program was officially launched one year ago today, and has grown to employ eight people, including veterans and people with disabilities, and has responsibly collected over 100 tons of electronic waste.

The program is a win-win-win for the Greater Helena area, providing a community service that allows people and businesses to responsibly and safely recycle their electronic devices, generating jobs for community members, and ensuring hazardous electronic waste stays out of our landfill.

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The Big Sky E-Recycling Program is part of CyclePoint™, a national network that is powered by SourceAmerica™.  According to the network, electronic waste is the fastest growing segment of waste in municipal landfills across the country.  CyclePoint claims that every year,  “6.7 billion pounds of e-waste is not recycled in the United States.”

The Big Sky E-Recycling Program is a local and responsible solution to this problem.

The Big Sky E-Recycling team is committed to workplace safety, environmental stewardship, and importantly, data security. As a R2/RIOS™ licensed operation, the team is committed to ensuring that your personal data—your household or businesses financial information, personal data, and more—is sanitized or destroyed. Our state of the art hard drive shredder allows us to provide this important service.

According to Big Sky E-Recycling Program Director, Matt Elsaesser, “the most rewarding part of establishing the program has been seeing the personal growth of the veterans and people with disabilities we’ve been able to employ through the program.”

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As the program looks to 2017, it will increase focus on reuse. With a fully operational eBay store, the program is able to expand the program by reselling electronic devices after it is certified that all data has been sanitized.

The Big Sky E-Recycling Program collects outdated and unused electronics from community members 7 days a week during operating hours at the Helena Industries Thrift Store located at 2109 North Last Chance Gulch.

We suggest a $20 donation to help us sustain and grow this program. The contribution offsets our costs, ensures a safe work environment, and helps us employ more of our neighbors.

Most electronic devices are accepted, including laptops, cell phones, PDAs, and more. At this time we are unable to take large projection screen televisions. For a list of accepted items, visit

Businesses interested in commercial pick-up can call (406)442-8632 or email [email protected]

To make a tax-deductible contribution to Helena Industries, please click here. Your support helps us provide vocational and rehabilitative opportunities to empower people with disabilities in our community.

Thank you for supporting the Big Sky E-Recycling Program!


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