Helena Industries Electronics Recycling Program, “Big Sky E-Recycling,” to begin collection this Wednesday.

by Helena Industries

Helena, Montana – December 15, 2015 – Helena Industries, a Helena nonprofit dedicated to providing job opportunities for persons with disabilities, wants your outdated electronics this holiday season. Their newest initiative, Big Sky E-Recycling, will provide collection for electronic items for responsible recycling and reuse through the Helena Industries Thrift Store at 2109 N. Last Chance Gulch. Helena Industries will also provide electronic recycling services for businesses in the Helena area, host community collection events, and work to establish recycling sites programs in nearby communities. The program will begin this Wednesday with a more formal kickoff event planned for mid-January.

Helena Industries President and CEO, Russ Cargo, notes the growth opportunity of the program. “The volume of electronic waste in the United States is staggering. Big Sky E-Recycling will keep this material out of our landfills while employing veterans with disabilities.” Taking the reigns at Helena Industries earlier this year, he has sought opportunities to diversify Helena Industries’ revenue sources and provide employment in more technologically current product lines. He said, “The E-waste recycling initiative is ideal for Helena Industries. We are now members of CyclePoint® from SourceAmerica®, a national network for E-Recycling that provides the support and guaranteed markets for what we produce. We will collect electronic waste from as large an area as we can and, we hope from government agencies, businesses, and individuals. Our employees will disassemble items such as computers, monitors, cell phones, TV sets, and the sorted components will only be shipped to firms that have been certified by third-party auditors for end-stage recycling.” Big Sky E-Recycling’s membership in CyclePoint ensures accessible, convenient and secure collection of most electronic items and requires Helena Industries to become certified under both the Responsible Recycling (R2) and Recycling Industry Operating Standards (RIOS).

This September, Helena Industries hired outgoing city commissioner Matthew Elsaesser, who has been part of local and state-wide recycling initiatives. Elsaesser has since attended training by CyclePoint and begun Helena Industries’ certification process with Responsible Recycling and Recycling Industry Operating Standards and the Electronics Recycling Facility License which was approved earlier this month. “This is an exciting new endeavor for Helena Industries” says Elsaesser. “The program provides a great opportunity for job training and serving persons with special needs while expanding the reuse and recycling of outdated electronics,” he continued. Ensuring personal data is removed or destroyed from any collected items he noted is another key component of the program he noted.

Persons looking to donate their outdated electronics to Helena Industries Big Sky E-Recycling program can visit the Thrift Store during businesses hours. Items collected at no charge include cell phone, phones, flat screen televisions, printers, and other common computer related electronics. A five or ten dollar donation is suggested for microwaves and a charge is required for Cathode Ray Tube televisions based on the size of the unit. Persons with TV’s over 25 inches or with large volumes of materials should call ahead. Household or business collection can be arranged with a service charge. Full details at HelenaIndustries.org or by calling the Helena Industries Thrift Store at 442-2033.

More about Helena Industries and Big Sky E-Recycling:
For people, businesses, and government entities, Big Sky E-Recycling provides a responsible solution for outdating electronics. It keeps items out of landfills and provides jobs to that portion of the population that is chronically under-employed or unemployed due to disabilities.

Helena Industries is a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities. We reach our objective by providing training, work opportunities, and case management services tailored to the individual’s interest and abilities.
We provide employment through a variety of businesses that include: textile products, wood products, janitorial services, document destruction, mailing services, and a retail thrift store. More details about these services are available throughout the website HelenaIndustries.org.
About CyclePoint from SourceAmerica

CyclePoint®, powered by SourceAmerica®, is a new eRecycling network that offers communities all across the U.S. convenient, safe and secure electronics disposal. Its mission–to employ people with significant disabilities–makes CyclePoint both a great service and a great cause.

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