Decades of Service to People with Disabilities

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  • Posted on May 5, 2017

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Yesterday, we thanked and congratulated Lois Ciske on her retirement. Lois has been with Helena Industries for 38 years in the Mail Center. That’s right. She has been with Helena Industries for nearly 40 years, starting in the fall of 1978 when the cost of a regular postage stamp was only fifteen cents.

Some things about Lois are undeniable.

She is always smiling. Her positive attitude lit up the room and created a fantastic work environment for everyone in the Mail Center and at Helena Industries.

Lois had a significant impact on the lives of so many people with disabilities in our community.  She has touched many lives in her work.

Lois was great at what she did and her legacy will live on at Helena Industries and the Mail Center. The outpouring of well wishes and attendees from local businesses and organizations that use the Mail Center at her retirement gathering clearly demonstrated the respect for and quality of her work.

Lois was an appreciated and respected colleague and friend at Helena Industries. As hard as it is to believe, there are team members with disabilities who have worked at Helena Industries longer than Lois, and have worked side by side with Lois during her entire tenure at the organization. They have cultivated close, decade’s long relationships and friendships.

We asked Lois what she plans on doing on her first day of retirement, a great Montana spring day with a high of over 80 degrees. She said that she’ll be sitting by the creek near her home in York, “watching things grow.”

Lois, we hope that you have an amazing day and remarkable adventures in your retirement!

Richard Ferris will be the new Mail Center Manager. He has been mentored by Lois for the last few years, and everyone at Helena Industries knows he has big shoes to fill but he is ready and excited to take on the job.

Again, thank you and congratulations Lois. You will be missed!

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