Case Management

Case Management Services has a mission to ensure that all eligible persons with developmental disabilities receive the services that assures them the highest quality of life possible.

Case Management is a resource and service that links individuals with disabilities with services, support, and benefits, all made possible through the Developmental Disability Program of the DPHHS. Case Management services are provided to any Montana resident with developmental disabilities who is at least 16 years old. Although Case managers do not provide direct care services, they can assist with the eligibility and referral process to access services including: vocational, residential, and other needed oversight.

Case Management Eligibility

Eligibility for case management services is established through the Developmental Disability Program. Case Management can help with the process of determining eligibility. There is no cost for case management services due to state and federal government funding.

Case Management Regional Office Locations

Anaconda (Deer Lodge, Granite, Powell Counties)

HI Case Management
307 East Park, Suite 302
Anaconda, MT 59711
(406) 563-7158

Anaconda-Based Employees
Bill Phojola                                          [email protected]
Ashley Bair                                          [email protected]

Bozeman (Gallatin, Madison, Park Counties)

HI Case Management
300 N. Wilson, Suite 602F
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 587-7703

Bozeman-Based Employees
Debbie Heerdt – Director                [email protected]
Darin Heitt-Rennie                           [email protected]
Bobbie Wells                                      [email protected]
Kibbie Crawford                                [email protected]
Riley Halligan                                    [email protected]
Nicole Edwards                                [email protected]
Suzi Nelson                                       [email protected]

Butte (Silver Bow, Beaverhead, Jefferson County)

HI Case Management
305 W. Mercury Street, Suite 307
Butte, MT 59701
(406) 782-9244

Butte-Based Employees
Linda Johnson                            [email protected]
Derek Ackerman                        [email protected]
Steffani Bleken                            [email protected]
Tom Susanj                                  [email protected]
Beth Burk                                     [email protected]
Alison Brown                               [email protected]
Jill Weatherson                           [email protected]
Sabina Pate-Terry (AA)             [email protected]
Jamie Schmidt                             [email protected]
Tara Timm                                   [email protected]

Great Falls (Cascade County)

HI Case Management
1601 Second Avenue North, Suite 430
Great Falls, MT 59401
(406) 453-4333

Great Falls-Based Employees

Virginia Lofstead – Supervisor                    [email protected]
Therese Schiff                                                  [email protected]
Lorraine Jacobs                                               [email protected]
Karla Gilles                                                       [email protected]
Lindsey Fenton                                                [email protected]
Lisa Finley                                                        [email protected]
David Buck                                                      [email protected]
Callee Francis                                                 [email protected]
Polly Dorociak                                                [email protected]