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Benchmark Manufacturing specializes in fabric textile products that meet each specific buyer requirements. Currently, Benchmark has a contract with the U.S. Forest Service and GSA to make fire fighters backpacks, gear packs, and other equipment they request. These products are mainly distributed to local fire fighters, but depending on supply are also shipped to fire fighting agencies across the nation. Benchmark’s 34 year contract with the U.S. Forest Service is a testament to the satisfactory work done in our shop and the dependability of products like the Out of County Pack and the Packsack that is ideal for horseback travel. Since Helena Industries is the manufacturer of the products we are able cut the cost of a middle man and pass the savings onto the customers.

Helena Industries reputation for quality products has continued to grow, and because of that consumers are asking for new products to better fit their needs. Our newest product is a harness made specifically for workers in the weed spraying industry. It allows the user to tote large quantities of pesticides without sacrificing safety and comfort.

Benchmark is currently able to employ 18 disabled workers who are trained and efficient assets to the shop. Along with our excellent staff products used by Benchmark are only made with the best American made fabrics and components that lead to a quality final product backed by the Helena Industries name.

Employees at Benchmark have been trained to use skills like:

  • Fabric Butting
  • Sewing Machine Operation
  • Pattern Machine Operation
  • Snap and Grommet Setting
  • Material Handling
  • Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Packaging

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Utility Pack Sacks


Personal Gear Packs (old model)


Briefcase with Logo


Attaché with Strap

Sprayer Harness

Sprayer Harness


Medical Bag/ Duffle Bag